“This is probably the best place to go if you're around Zurich. It is big, very nice, and the dark parquet makes it elegant and different than most of the other shopping centres. It is pretty busy on Saturday and weekday evenings.”
- Patrik

“Basically you can find everything here, from the hardware store to lingerie and food. For the Limmattal, this mall is the shopping paradise par excellence.”- Karlo
“Neat and clean toilets”

  • Jess

“I love the mall! My family and I love spending quality time in there. There is also a kinder paradise which is great for the parents 👍🏻 It would be nice if they can add more restaurants.”

  • Shahy

"I can only get there on Saturday. Too crowded, and traffic jams are disastrous. I've spent 30 min in a car to get there and 30 to get out. Personally, I would avoid this place. One star for the children train.”

  • Ondrej

“Nice place for shopping or to hang out with friends”

  • Mario

“Also they have a mini golf place right behind the mall - great for summer activities. Since they renovated the mall looks beautiful”

  • Lee

“Clean bright great shopping”

  • Mike

“Probably the nicest mall I've been in around the entire world. Very up to date and classy from washrooms to retail to food court.”

  • Maharsi

“Has everything
Shopping is a delight”

  • Hassan

“Someone with the love for mazes and labyrinths designed this weird shopping centre. Impossible to find anything. But good for physical fitness as you have to walk a lot.”

  • Matthias

“Nice mall but does not feel right”

  • Andres

“Very clean, and is not big at all as people say. “

  • Uhtredbr

“Good in general, but tend to be too crowded on weekends.”

  • Thomas

“Really great place full with warmth and smiles”

  • Lion

“A rather large shopping mall.”

  • Nicholas

“Everything can be done in one place.”

  • Sandor

“Our kids also like to come because it is very spacious and has lots of moving stairways :-)”

  • Aaron

“Lots of shops. Lots of parking spots, but little narrow.”
- Zoltan

“Everything you need under one big roof”

  • Divya

“Way too many people, but that's how it's supposed to be I guess.”
- Barack

“Huge shopping place. Loved that there are real handtusche in the bathrooms. It made me feel like I was in a 5 star hotel”

  • Rita

“It's a shopping mall... What else is there to say”

  • Dejan

“Big shopping mall... great place for losing my wife”

  • Damir


“Simple Restaurant, but nice to have a good lunch. Lot of locals there.”

  • Juergen

“Im CENTRAL ists immer gut, Dorfrest. mit Kegelbahn!!!”

  • Benni

“Gut Bürgerlich”

  • Robert

“Das Wirtepaar mit Herz. Gutes und Preiswertes Essen. Es ist für alle Anlässe zu empfehlen.”

  • Peter


“12:00, Spreitenbach Dä Beck hätt no eis Sandwich gha… und das isch vo Vorgester… Dä Salat hani nonig probiert, aber für das wänds 16.90 mitemene Iistee? Wür mi ja nöd stresse, wänns s'erscht Mal, aber was für en Beck hätt am 12:00 kei Sandwich meh?”
- Martin


“Frau Weber ist das Herz und die Seele, nicht nur von diesem „Hof-Lädeli“, sondern von ganz Spreitenbach und darüber hinaus. Frisches Gemüse, Obst und Eier sind hier ein „muss“ und stehts vorhanden. Das Brot, der Zopf am Samstag sind unübertroffen. Weiter so und einen herzlichen Dank dass es Euch gibt.”